This year’s Fanime was an incredible experience and SPARKLING with lovely, talented artists that it took me about a week to recover and write up a post-con report. Seriously, though, it’s really because I write slowly and have difficulty using my words.

Biiiiiii~~~~iiig thanks and hugs to the wonderful artists who traded prints and swag with me! I am now the proud owner of some gorgeous prints and adorable buttons. I received an amazing set of Avengers buttons from coyfish, Loki and Thor are now hanging out on my tote bag from the awesome folks at Nemu*Nemu. I also got to meet and trade prints with Ling, Twitch and Koma (who were so nice, they gave me and sirfish so many goodies~!), and Lily. Cari from Toilet Genie also stopped by our table to exchange greetings, and Gunmetalrose managed to break away from her booth to say hi as well~! I was really happy to meet so many kind individuals over the weekend. If I met you over the weekend and forgot to mention you, give me a holla’! I’m barely coherent even at my very best, urrghh.

Speaking of which, sirfish, Eri, Hokka Hoka, and Jia-Ling Pan also deserve a shout out as well, since they were stuck with me for all four days and three nights. They endured a marathon of “that’s what she said” jokes and “Thor” puns (my top favorites being “Thor’eal” and “Thor-oughly”). Nerves of steel, these lovely ladies. 

Oh, and Amber from “The Blue Canary" was our table neighbor! It was great to see her again and to chat here and there. She’s always very friendly and sweet, I remember there being hummus…! 

I’m planning on posting some things from Fanime for sale later, mainly a couple of Loki stickers (“Box of Cats” and “LOKI’D!”) and “Fire Ferrets” from Korra, since I ran out of those during the convention and I still have sticker paper. So that will be going up soon, look out for it!

Also, I haven’t forgotten about those giveaways or favorite characters meme I said I’d do some posts back. Right now I’m just working on taking pictures and getting back in the swing of posting on Tumblr again. It’s been awhile and now it’s finally summer, so I’m hoping to start posting semi-regularly. Until summer classes begin anyway HAHAHAHA~~~!!!

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